About Lo-ET Designz

Lo-ET Designz is an Electronic Fuel Injection, EFI, Specialist located in Kelowna in the beautiful Okanagan Valley owned and operated by Eldon Cottingham a Professional Mechanical Engineer licensed in the three Western Provinces.   


Biographies of key personel

Eldon started Tuned EFI, formally Lo-ET Designz, out of passion when he built a Twin Turbo Fuel Injected 1968 Camaro his first car he has owned since 1983.  Through the journey of building the turbo motor and injection system a lot of lessons were learned and then when it was time to tune the motor a tuner that could be trusted was difficult to find.  At this point he went to EFI University to learn how to tune during which he learned not only how to tune but what tools are required so began the acquisition of the appropriate tools including a steady state Dyno Dynamics dynamometer.  This began a pursuit to alleviate people from having the same challenges whether than be technical advice, appropriate product supply and/or installation or dynamometer tune.


From a young age cars were in his blood building his first motor in high school a Dodge 440 Interceptor.   Out of high school he began work at Big Bend Autobody indenturing as an Autobody Man where he was involved in a variety of Customs and award winning cars including Michael Jacksons Ferrari and Ed Papacs 1964 Volkswagon that was ahead of its time on the ISCA show circuit and was featured in numerous magazines.  After several years as a body man he continued on completing a Mechanical Design Technology Diploma with honours which was bridged to a Mechanical Engineering Degree.  The course at EFI University melded much of the education from previous.  Throughout this journey cars have always played an important part and Lo-ET Designz Fuel Injection Specialists leverages all the knowledge and experiences for an optimum solution.


 Eldon with JF after tuning Rivision the 2014 Ridler winner.  Yes, the number is correct, an award winner that makes power via a Twin Turbo LS managed with Holley HP EFI and is driven.



Fast forward to current with 10 years of EFI installation and Tuning experience ranging from custom installs to trackside support and tuning on street cars, road cars and boats all of your needs can be met.  Call or email.