Dyno Tuning and Dyno Testing

Utilizing a Dyno Dynamics Steady State Eddy Current Dyno we are able to optimize your entire driveline throughout the entire operating range including cruise and WOT.  The dyno is equipped with a lab grade wide band oxygen sensor for optimum calibration.  We have had up to 1400hp at the tire on the dyno.  WIth the dyno's ability to measure as little as 1hp any change can be seen.

This dyno was specifically chosen over all other types and manufacturers for it's very precise control.  Utilizing the control, precise measuring capabilities and it's lower (and controllable) roll inertia allows the ability to tune all cells of the maps in the calibration.  This ensures that all fuel is tuned precisely for economy, response and horsepower in the appropriate areas.   Timing is tuned to MBT, Maximum Brake Torque, in all areas of the MAP.  The dyno holds the motor at what ever RPM is chosen and the load with throttle input is changed to enter the cel to be tuned then the timing is altered until the maximum torque is achieved ensuring the optimum advance and not greater.