High Performance Engine Services

Specializing in Electronic Fuel Injection Tuned EFI is able to help you with all your challenges from technical support and Project Management to complete supply and installation.    Our product supply includes engine management, fuel systems, wiring harnesses, intakes and camshafts.   We are capable of installing all of the products we supply.    Whether it is a custom harness and system install on your Hot Rod or Custom or an intake and cam install with a tune on your late model domestic Camaro or Corvette we have you covered.

Should you have product or service needs outside of our specialties we have associates which can meet your needs whether it be as simple as a drive shaft or complete paint job.

  • EFI Specialists
  • EFI Installs
  • EFI supply
  • Dyno Tuning
  • Tuning most OEM Domestic and most Stand Alones
  • Complete Automotive Wiring
    • Custom Harnesses
    • Modifications to existing harnesses
  • Forced Induction Installs (Turbo's and Superchargers)
  • Project Consulting and/or Management
  • Pro Tour Builds
  • Track Tuning